Our Scope

VIVE-MedTech GmbH was founded on September, 20th in 2019 - when experienced medical device experts decided to close market gaps and provide the best solutions for clients and customers.

Our scope is development, production, distribution and maintenance of medical devices, devices for clinical research and quality management systems, as well as consulting services and prototyping services. 

Efficient Consulting

One of our missions beside creating our own medical device portfolio is the provision of eQMS- and PLM solutions, quality affairs and regulatory affairs consulting for small, mid-size and large companies to combine regulatory compliance and efficient processes. We focus on qualification of our customers, on analyzing and understanding our customers needs and workflows. Picking up stakeholders and bringing them in an efficient and compliant way together, so that no one sees compliance as a hurdle is our vision. This represents our special mindset in interpretation of regulatory requirements.

Our Product Vision - Our Product Mission

With our special know how and mindset, we create innovative medical devices for therapy of COPD, Covid19-pneumonia and similar diseases. This includes

  • Patient individualized oxygenators,
  • Optimized blood pumps for ECMO applications,
  • Blood gas monitoring systems,
  • Blood gas control systems,
  • Special catheters for single ECLS applications.

We develop, manufacture and distribute the devices for medical professionals internationally. Herein we optimize cost structures and save know how by using innovative infrastructure and internal processes.

Our solutions shall make usage of invasive mechanical ventilators obsolete and save lifes, that are not saveable today.